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The Matchmakers

The Matchmakers
Author : Samantha Elphick
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Total Pages : 210
Release : 2014-10-17
ISBN 10 : 9781490749105
ISBN 13 : 1490749101
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Bleeding Hearts Exclusive Dating Service has ten locations throughout the country and is known as an elite matchmaking service that removes the uncertainty of looking for that ideal date. They provide private, exclusive introductions and matchmaking for those accustomed to excellence or others looking for certain uniqueness. The owner of the company, Alice Simmons, built the successful company with the help of her boyfriend/partner. Since his departure, she has neglected to keep her hand on the helm, letting the responsibility slip into the unsuspecting prey of her lying, heartless Miami director, Joan Foster, who will stop at nothing to make money. Olivia Felner, once an extremely rich woman, has a mysterious past. Coming off a drug-induced state, she finds herself destitute and alone. She is forced to take a job as a telemarketer, where she can comfortably hide out. She is monitored 24-7 by the law. After realizing what the company does, she sees an opportunity and soon becomes privy to what goes on. Joan has developed new scripts to entice members for big money. Employees are strongly advised by the director to answer questions with questions, suggest possibilities that do not exist, and use smoke and mirror tactics to sell memberships in return for introductions that will fulfil the romantic, sexual, and fantasy needs of their clients. Joan places Olivia in charge of the failing West Palm Beach location with her staff of four--Rachael, Savannah, Lorenzo, and Mia. After realizing that they have a limited number of members and matches, Olivia cunningly sees a window to increase sales. She and the membership team integrate their individual skills and work as a team to save their jobs and earn high commissions. They go to all lengths to validate company promises by sometimes replacing the lack of members and filling the roles themselves. They share stories at their weekly meetings of the sometimes hilarious, lewd, erotic, and heart-wrenching situations of bleeding hearts looking for love. One aspect of this book is the rawness of its subject matter and the people who live in the world of fantasy. In this twenty-first century, everyone is looking for love in all the wrong places. Everyone deserves to be loved . . . but at what price? The financial reward is the motivating factor for the West Palm team to grow the membership base by sometimes stretching the company rules and policies to keep within legal parameters. After months of fraud allegations, Olivia suspects there is an undercover agent amongst them who is looking to expose the company. One location is ordered to close down. Lawsuits increase across the country as the following headlines, Thousands Lost to Closed Dating Service, become progressively proactive. Olivia, for personal reasons, sets out on a seemingly innocent encounter that quickly backfires on her. She is threatened with blackmail but denies everything. Turmoil occurs in the Miami office and personal feelings override reasoning as the undercover agent is exposed. A terrible tragedy occurs in the Miami office, freeing Olivia of any wrongdoing. The company is investigated and all locations close down. The headlines The Matchmakers Have Met Their Match pour out across the country. The company undergoes months of investigation. The West Palm Beach team helps in the investigation to bring about justice. The girls' notoriety affords them certain advantages with surprising results for their futures. The story concludes with numerous sequel story lines.

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