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Burqas, Baseball, and Apple Pie

Burqas, Baseball, and Apple Pie
Author : Ranya Tabari Idliby
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Total Pages : 256
Release : 2014-01-07
ISBN 10 : 9781137413482
ISBN 13 : 1137413484
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

For many Americans, the words ‘American' and ‘Muslim' simply do not marry well; for many the combination is an anathema, a contradiction in values, loyalties, and identities. This is the story of one American Muslim family—the story of how, through their lives, their schools, their friends, and their neighbors, they end up living the challenges, myths, fears, hopes, and dreams of all Americans. They are challenged by both Muslims who speak for them and by Americans who reject them. In this moving memoir, Idliby discusses not only coming to terms with what it means to be Muslim today, but how to raise and teach her children about their heritage and religious legacy. She explores life as a Muslim in a world where hostility towards Muslims runs rampant, where there is an entire industry financed and supported by think tanks, authors, film makers, and individual vigilantes whose sole purpose is to vilify and spread fear about all things Muslim. Her story is quintessentially American, a story of the struggles of assimilation and acceptance in a climate of confusion and prejudice—a story for anyone who has experienced being an "outsider" inside your own home country.

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